Friday, October 24, 2008


It's been awhile since I've written about them, so...the cats.

Monika's new thing is insisting on snuggling under the blanket. She hops onto the head of the bed, paws gently at the covers, stares at me with big, pleading eyes and offers a sort of strangled "Mrowow?" until I lift the blankets and let her crawl underneath.

This blatant display of overwhelming cuteness may be in response to Delmar, who has stepped up his adorability game by suddenly leaping into my arms while I'm sitting at the computer typing. The abrupt, unexpected weight on my forearms forces my elbows to bend, pressing him against my chest in the most awkward, uncomfortable hug imaginable. (Of course, everything about Del is awkward!) All the while, he purrs frantically, and insists on being held for several minutes without biting or scratching at me. He's still weird, but no longer fully psychotic.

Also, the two of them have been boundin' and scamperin' and rasslin' a lot, behaving in ways that can only be described in a folksy, g-droppin' manner, acting all buddy-buddy, wholesome and cute, cute, cute. Hopefully, this is just one of those things that happens with the changing of the seasons, and things will eventually return to normal, or as normal as anything can be when cats are involved. I don't know if I can handle this much sweetness.