Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sorry, folks, nothing of interest to say today. Maybe I'm burned out on election coverage or maybe I'm just really, really tired. Even the fact that they're remaking Spartacus for cable TV (again!) can't quite get me in a state of high dudgeon...or anything else. I shrug my shoulders, waiting for the sense of righteous fury that never quite arrives.

Usually, days like this I resort to a clip job, but the only YouTube videos I've been watching this morning are of racist crackers at McCain/Palin rallies, and as pathetic and chillingly uninformed as these individuals may be, the smarmy manner in which these are shot and edited, to mock these sad, desperate blue-collar people, is almost as infuriating. I don't want to show any of these because I don't want to give either side the attention. And since I've been viewing these things, I haven't had any time to go looking for music clips, or goofy old commercials, even highlights from old Lynda Carter specials.

Sad, I know. Maybe tomorrow.